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Terms and Conditions

Whether you are a property owner or agent for property owners (an “Advertiser”) placing advertisements on or (“our site”) or a person using our site other than to advertise holiday homes (a “Holidaymaker”), by accessing or using our site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) in relation to both Advertisers and Holidaymakers use of our site.

We act merely as an advertising service through which Advertisers can advertise properties to Holidaymakers. We do not own nor have we inspected nor do we have any control whatsoever over any property listed on our site and we make no representations or warranties regarding any of the properties.

While we require Advertisers to advertise properties truthfully, fairly and accurately, and we take reasonable steps to remove advertisements from our site following any complaint from a Holidaymaker or another Advertiser, we have no control over the accuracy of any advertisement or the capacity of any Advertiser to make a booking with a Holidaymaker.

As such, we disclaim all liability and responsibility for any loss or damage (including personal injury) suffered or incurred by you or another party arising from: Any reliance by any user of our site, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents, placed on any advertisement, commentary and other materials posted on our site by Advertisers, or any error or mistake or inaccuracy contained in any statement, description, representation or other information made about or in connection with a property listed on our site;

Any loss of or damage to personal possessions at a property; or

Any incident or occurrence which takes place at a property.

Owners Listings

  • Advertisers must ensure that they own the copyright of all material published on this site, or have been authorised by the owner to use it. By using our service owners warrant ownership of the copyright of text and images used on their adverts.
  • We cannot be held liable for any costs, loss or liability incurred due to breach of copyright by advertisers.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions and posting a listing on the site, you automatically grant us license to publish all material, in whole or in part, including text and images in order to display your advert on the site and to allow it to be used by us, for online and offline promotion and advertising. We cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement and any consequential legal costs incurred due to the use of this material.
  • The Advertiser will pay a one off annual payment of £99 inc vat which is a non refundable fee , the advert will be removed from the website if not renewed come the renewal date.

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